What is the PA Register?

Have you seen the promotional posts for the PA Register and wondered what it was about?

Below is an explanation of what the PA Register involves and how it may benefit you…

The approved PA Register is a list of approved Support Workers/Personal Assistants working in Social Care.

What’s the point of joining up?

Well, registering is FREE!!!

  • PA’s joining will be given access to free training
  • Each PA will have their own profile to promote the support they can offer e.g. shopping, meal support and potential employers will be able to view this profile.
  • Employers will know you have met our high standards
  • PCVS provide a free monthly support group for registered PA’s

Individuals needing social care support will then be able to search PA’s on the register with the comfort of knowing the PA has been trained and vetted.  PA’s will then be employed through the individual they will be working for.

What is a Support Worker/PA (Personal Assistant)

A Personal Assistant (sometimes called a PA) is employed by people who need social care, either because of their age or disability, to enable them to live as independently as possible.

The key skills needed for being a Personal Assistant are the ability to listen, be flexible and a willingness to learn and respond.  Duties may include personal care, healthcare tasks, support with living independently, support while at work and helping to look after children and pets.

A Personal Assistant is usually employed by people who are directing their own care through a direct payment or individual budgets from the local authority or are funding their own staff and organising their own services.

The job can be very flexible, offering part time and full time work on different days and at different times.  Some people become a Personal Assistant part time whilst also working in an entirely different job.

The role is suitable for people from all walks of life, from someone in college who may only want to work evening or weekends, to someone who is retired and may only want a few hours a week.

“We recently had a family make contact due to no agency support being available in a rural area.  The PA register was checked and a local PA found.  PCVS have put the family in touch with the local PA and they are all happy”

For further information please contact:

Faith Boys (Project Officer) on 01733 342683