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What is the PA Register?

Have you seen the promotional posts for the PA Register and wondered what it was about?

Below is an explanation of what the PA Register involves and how it may benefit you…

The approved PA Register is a list of approved Support Workers/Personal Assistants working in Social Care.

What’s the point of joining up?

Well, registering is FREE!!!

  • PA’s joining will be given access to free training
  • Each PA will have their own profile to promote the support they can offer e.g. shopping, meal support and potential employers will be able to view this profile.
  • Employers will know you have met our high standards
  • PCVS provide a free monthly support group for registered PA’s

Individuals needing social care support will then be able to search PA’s on the register with the comfort of knowing the PA has been trained and vetted.  PA’s will then be employed through the individual they will be working for.

What is a Support Worker/PA (Personal Assistant)

A Personal Assistant (sometimes called a PA) is employed by people who need social care, either because of their age or disability, to enable them to live as independently as possible.

The key skills needed for being a Personal Assistant are the ability to listen, be flexible and a willingness to learn and respond.  Duties may include personal care, healthcare tasks, support with living independently, support while at work and helping to look after children and pets.

A Personal Assistant is usually employed by people who are directing their own care through a direct payment or individual budgets from the local authority or are funding their own staff and organising their own services.

The job can be very flexible, offering part time and full time work on different days and at different times.  Some people become a Personal Assistant part time whilst also working in an entirely different job.

The role is suitable for people from all walks of life, from someone in college who may only want to work evening or weekends, to someone who is retired and may only want a few hours a week.

“We recently had a family make contact due to no agency support being available in a rural area.  The PA register was checked and a local PA found.  PCVS have put the family in touch with the local PA and they are all happy”

For further information please contact:

Faith Boys (Project Officer) on 01733 342683


One Peterborough – One Community. A fantastic event shows the positive side to a wonderful city.

International Friendship Day – a day to be remembered in Peterborough, when so many different communities united to become one under The Guildhall in Cathedral Square.

The event, organised by Extended Hands, PCVS and Safer Peterborough Partnership was established to showcase the amazing, vibrant, diversity in the City and it’s positive aspects which are sometimes over-looked in the media.

We had fantastic entertainment from the beautiful Classical Reflection and great music from Tickin Boxes, Holly Gene – Porridge, Satya Dub Orchestra and a gospel choir that gave everyone a chance to dance along.

The dancing continued with the audience being taught salsa moves and traditional Lithuanian dancing by RAMA.

There were hugs galore with volunteers providing free hugs and at one point a giant friendship ring was formed in Cathedral Square!  A fantastic feeling of togetherness and unity was spread throughout the centre with so many residents of different cultures joining in friendship proving that Peterborough really is a magical place filled with lots of positive people doing great work in the community.

Peterborough Poet Laureate Charley Genever was on hand to provide poems on demand and local Beat Boxers and Body Poppers put on a captivating show.  You really don’t have to look far in the City to find amazing talent!  If you would like to get involved in the arts scene in Peterborough get in touch with Peterborough Presents.

If you would like to become more involved in community events please contact our superb Community Development Worker Louise Porter who worked so hard with Rebecca Jackson from Nucleus Events to help organise this event.  You can follow our Facebook page for regular updates on community news in the city and sign up to our newsletter by clicking the ‘newsletter’ button on the sidebar.

PCVS incorporates the Peterborough Volunteer Centre and is an umbrella organisation providing support for local charities and community groups.  If you would like to know more about volunteering please call the Volunteer Centre on 01733 342683.

Extended Hands is a wonderful, local, community based female outreach team supporting women and girls.  They work to reach out, extend a hand of practical support, friendship and fellowship to women, by creating an environment of socialising, empowerment, skills development and fun activities.  If you would like to contact Extended Hands please click here to their website.

The Safer Peterborough Partnership is made up of statutory and voluntary organisations who work together to deliver the partnership priorities.  You can find out more about the Safer Peterborough Partnership here.



Disability Forum and Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services: On a mission to reduce social isolation

Disability Peterborough and PCVS have joined forces to tackle the issue of social isolation by examining accessible transport in the City. By accessible we not only mean that it will be accessible for those with any kind of mobility issue, we also want it to be affordable for vulnerable people.

Social isolation is a growing issue in the UK. Loneliness is a bigger problem than simply an emotional experience. Research shows that loneliness and social isolation is harmful to our health: lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity. This is why this issue is receiving attention from health and social care professionals, the voluntary sector and local authorities, as it puts increasing strain on health and social care services.

To alleviate someone’s feelings of social isolation and loneliness is for them to have 20 meaningful social contacts a week. But for most this seems impossible due to the barriers they face either through age or inequality.

One of these barriers is transport. As people get older they may have declining income and health which creates difficulties with driving and for those with disabilities, mobility issues or mental health problems, public transport can bring many problems. Poor transport links may also restrict access to ongoing education, training, employment, and even to shops and amenities.

Unfortunately, when looking at the issue of social isolation many agencies view the people affected by this issue as one homogenous group. However, for social contact to be meaningful any intervention must be person-centred and led by the individual.

This is why we need your help! Are you someone or do you know someone who relies on public transport? Would having more accessible and affordable transport encourage you to get out of the house more? Give you confidence to take part in health and well-being activities? Inspire you to go enrol into further education and ultimately in to work?

We want to hear from you! We want your views and opinions about how we can improve transport for older people, those with disabilities, long-term conditions, family members, Carers and the vulnerable.

To take part in our survey, email Bryan Tyler at Disability Peterborough who will send you a copy E: dialsport@gmail.com.

Local Business helps out community groups

A group of local Paston residents, led by internationally renowned artist Morgan Fitzsimmons, who are starting a social enterprise called Enabling Through Creativity, have just been given a boost by a business based in the city.

ETC use the arts as a means of expression and communication, to empower people of all    ages with projects that strengthen community cohesion. Their projects include art classes, creating fairy gardens and putting on shows for the community.

Tiger, a variety store with a difference has recently opened in Peterborough, they have pledged to support the fledgling group in the form of art supplies. At the first collection Morgan had expected to collect maybe a few pots of paint, instead she was greeted with a huge basked laden with art supplies. The store has said that they will continue to donate any surplus art supplies they have to the group.

Before this generous offer Morgan had been paying for all of the materials herself, which was not only expensive but very unsustainable.

The donations from Tiger will allow the group to continue their activities with Families First and Paston Farm, whilst looking for longer-term funding. Many thanks to Tiger for supporting  Enabling Through Creativity to continue their vital work.

Becky Rowley, Tiger Store Manager, has also worked with Stamford New College, providing supplies to the fashion department for students to decorate bras being worn by women taking part in the Moonwalk which raises money for Breast Cancer causes.  The store has also kindly donated supplies to Planet X After School Club.

For more information please contact PCVS Community Development Worker Louise Porter on email: louise.porter@pcvs.co.uk or telephone: 01733 342683.

If you know of any other businesses that kindly support local community groups please let us know!


Green Backyard enjoy a day of celebrations

As part of the Peterborough Presents De-Stress Fest, the community gardens, The Green Backyard hosted the Hindu holiday, Holi May Day. which celebrates spring with music, dancing and colour throwing.

It was a spectacular event with so much for children to do including kite making, seed planting, games and ‘free painting’, where small and big children can paint away to their hearts content on the allocated walls.

Storytelling with Janina Vigurs was great as we relaxed in the sunshine listening to a story about the ‘hat man’.

The Green Backyard café was serving delicious vegan food with a real ale bar while the band, Sunday Driver, played a mixture of Asian and folk music throughout the afternoon.
There was fantastic dancing before the colour throwing began with everyone being given packets of colourful powder to through at one another.


Another great event held at the Green Backyard!  If you would like to find out about the other events on during the De-Stress Fest follow the link to the programme:


The Green Backyard is open to volunteers on Thursdays and Sundays, you can for more about the community Gardens here: http://www.thegreenbackyard.com/

The Green Backyard events list is on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thegreenbackyard/events